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13: Master of Fine Art 2011

Upcoming show at bildmuseet, Umeå. After five years of studies at the Academy of fine art in Umeå this is are graduation show.


Solo show

My solo show "I must play" is coming up at Gallery 60, bildmuseeet Umeå. Vernissage on Saturday 19/3 at 13:00. Documentation of the pieces will be publicized ones the show has opened.


New peices added.

I have now added new peices in "sculpture & installation"



ENTERPRISE: ready to embark on bold new adventures

>>Seeing the title, not as a constant but as a possible view of our exhibition — we draw both upon the condition of a tv-series: Star Trek, with a cast of widely different personalities and in particular the spaceship, that represents both the isolated place of the art-academy in Umeå aswell as an utmost heterotopia, a place of wonderous potential. We're now entering an other space, another heterotopia in WIP:Sthlm.<<

Thomas Olsson